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How North Carolina calculates child support

Like most other states, North Carolina calculates child support based on a set of standard guidelines. The guidelines spell out how parents will share the cost of raising their children when they no longer live together. This means the guidelines apply equally to parents who separate or divorce and those who were never married in the first place.

The problem of financial infidelity

Financial conflict plays a role in the demise of many marriages. Hidden financial assets or "financial infidelity" can wreak havoc on a relationship. Financial infidelity refers to when a partner hides assets or has a secret bank account or credit card. Studies show that it is a problem affecting many people.

Dealing with financial dishonesty during divorce

Infidelity is often given as a reason for getting divorced. As it turns out, infidelity is not limited to the bedroom. A recent survey finds that many people consider financial infidelity to be just as serious as physical or emotional adultery. Thirty-one percent of survey respondents affirmed that hiding assets like credit card accounts, bank accounts, investments and other assets from a spouse or partner is actually worse than physical cheating.

Don't delete that post - everything is evidence

With the rise in the popularity of social media come the inevitable issues that stem from its common use as a form of communication. Divorce is not exempt from the influence of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram whether used to vent about a relationship or document opinions about the process itself. 

Is a spouse property?

Last week the North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of laws that a local man used when he sued a Winston-Salem doctor.

What's that signed guitar actually worth?

Once you've made the decision to divorce there are more decisions to be made. One of these decisions is property, or "Who gets what."  Many people mistakenly believe that their personal collections are theirs to keep, no matter what. But is this true?

Should you use your child to relay messages between parents?

After divorce, you -- like many other North Carolina residents -- may hope to avoid seeing your ex as often as possible. However, as parents, the two of you will likely need to continue your interactions in order to ensure that you adhere to custody arrangements and that your children continue to receive the necessary and proper care. Still, you may hope to find ways to minimize the interactions as much as possible.


"As a dad in a child custody case, I was very scared that I would not get enough parenting time with my young daughter. But, these two attorneys believed in me and helped me get a 50/50 week on/off schedule from the Judge for my daughter. Their hard work and determination blew me away, and I am forever grateful." -F.

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