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Don't let your Facebook profile ruin your personal injury case

In this era of smartphones and social media, our connectedness to each other is virtually constant. We've become accustomed to broadcasting our entire lives online--from landmark events, like our marriage proposal or our baby's first steps--to everyday trivialities, like our new pair of shoes or Sunday brunch.

Texting while driving can be more serious than you might expect

Distracted driving from cell phone use is leading to a surge in car accidents across the country. Many states have responded by passing laws that ban various types of cell phone operation behind the wheel. These restrictions--and their penalties--vary greatly from state to state.

How dangerous is it to drive while drowsy?

There has been a growing push in recent years to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and texting while driving. Such behaviors pose real threats to safety on the road and lead to high numbers of unnecessary tragedies each year.

How effective is the bicycle helmet law?

Going for a bike ride may seem like a safe enough pastime, but it can actually be quite dangerous. Bicycle accidents often lead to serious injury or even death—particularly among children. 57 percent of all bicycle-related injuries treated in emergency rooms are for children under the age of 20.

Safety tips for bicyclists to avoid being in a crash

Bicyclists have the right to share the road with cars and other motor vehicles. However, riding in traffic can be a risky endeavor. As a bicyclist, you stand to suffer serious injury—or even death—in the event of a crash.

What you should know when you have an accident in a rental car

Getting into a car accident is always a stressful experience. Immediately following a crash, you probably know to call the police, exchange insurance information with the other party and take relevant photos of the accident scene.

What happens if I’m partially at fault in a car accident?

Most states in the country follow comparative negligence laws, meaning that a court will determine the amount of fault each party has in an accident and determine compensation accordingly. If, for example, you suffer whiplash after being rear-ended, and the court decides you were 10 percent at fault for causing the accident, then you would receive 90 percent compensation for your medical expenses and damage to your vehicle.

3 reasons not to rush into a settlement after a car crash

The aftermath of a serious car accident can be very frightening and chaotic. Police are asking questions; your car may be totaled; you may have to stay in the hospital for serious injuries, missing work and being away from your family.

Patients pay the price for non-compliance with dental guidelines

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist due to the pain that can accompany even the simplest dental procedures. In many cases, the pain is manageable and patients leave the dentist's office feeling as if the worst is over.


"As a dad in a child custody case, I was very scared that I would not get enough parenting time with my young daughter. But, these two attorneys believed in me and helped me get a 50/50 week on/off schedule from the Judge for my daughter. Their hard work and determination blew me away, and I am forever grateful." -F.

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