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5 common causes of catastrophic crashes

Car crashes can happen in the blink of an eye. In one minute, you can be thinking about the fastest way to get home from work; in the next minute, you can be fighting for your life on the side of the road.

Besides getting immediate medical attention, identifying the cause of any crash should be a top priority for crash victims and their families. Determining cause can establish liability, which can provide the basis for a personal injury claim. Some causes of crashes are far more common than others are. Below, we examine five of the more common causes of accidents.

Who makes the decision on whether you should receive alimony?

Adjusting to life after divorce is not easy for most people. After years of living with someone, raising kids together and splitting household responsibilities, it takes some time to make the transition into doing these things as an individual. This transition can be especially difficult if you are also dealing with financial hardships.

If you are in this situation, or expect to be after you divorce, then it is important that you understand your option to collect spousal support. As we discuss below, there are a few different ways you can pursue alimony.

Equitable division: know what is and isn't marital property

When considering divorce, it is important for individuals in North Carolina to think not only about asset division, but also about how the division will affect their finances after the settlement is finalized.

Immediate needs, such as making sure that they have adequate liquid assets to pay for essentials like food, clothing and shelter, may be obvious. However, some people overlook their long-term needs for financial security

Helping kids with divorce-related transitions

A divorce triggers many life transitions or changes in daily routines for the divorcing individuals and their entire family, especially their children. The way in which these transitions progress could affect the couple's children in many ways. It is important for divorcing parents to help such transitions go as smoothly as possible for their kids.

One thing parents can do to try to help with the transition, is to keep consistent household routines for the kids. All changes connected to a divorce can be disorienting for a child. Giving a child some stability, such as routine stability, could give them a greater sense of security and help them adjust to the things that are changing.

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