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When Your Financial Circumstances Change, So Can Your Child Support Order

It has been a long time since you and your partner appeared in court to receive your child support order. Since then, your financial situation has changed significantly. Now, you are interested in modifying your child support order to better fit your family’s current circumstances. A Concord child support lawyer can help you make any necessary changes.

At Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC, we are here to assist you when your child support order no longer suits your needs. Our attorneys have helped numerous clients in Concord and the surrounding area successfully petition family law courts for child support modifications.

Should I Petition To Modify My Child Support Order?

There are several situations in which you may benefit from modifying your child support order. Petitioning for a support modification may be right for you if:

  • You or your ex has recently changed jobs
  • You or your ex has recently lost a job
  • Your child’s needs have changed
  • You or your ex has received an inheritance

How Much Is a Child Support Family Lawyer Cost in NC?

The total cost of a child support lawyer in North Carolina depends on the circumstances of your case. This can include how complicated disputes are, how much experience your attorney has, and what specific services you are requesting of them.

For an idea of what you should anticipate paying, consult with a Concord child support attorney before hiring them. While they likely won’t be able to give you an exact figure, they can assess your case and provide a general estimate that can make you feel comfortable with moving forward. Cost is one of the most important factors to ask about during an initial consultation.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Child Support in North Carolina?

Anyone who fails to pay their court-mandated child support in Concord, North Carolina can face a number of serious consequences. This is because child support payments can be directly linked to a child’s well-being. A lack of this funding could have significant implications for their growth and development.

If the parent refuses to pay after several warnings, the court has the authority to enforce a court order that would begin to collect these funds. One of the most common methods for achieving this is through wage garnishment, which takes the money directly out of the individual’s paycheck before they receive it. Another option could be to take the money owed from their tax refund before it’s officially issued.

Ignoring court-mandated child support payments will likely result in punishment. If a change in circumstances has made you unable to make payments, the attorneys at Lancaster & St. Louis, PLLC, can help you seek a fair modification. If you are a parent who isn’t receiving payments, we can help you enforce an order.

How Is NC Child Support Calculated?

There is a general standard formula used to calculate child support payments in North Carolina and ensure everyone’s rights are upheld. This formula takes into consideration how much money each parent makes, what the child custody arrangement looks like, and if the children have any unique needs.

For example, if a child has a medical complication that requires a number of treatments throughout the year, that vital detail will be reflected in how much one parent may owe the other for child support payments.

The overall aim of this program is to ensure that children receive the support they need from both parents. The law views it as unfair for only one parent to contribute to their child’s needs and well-being. The family court wants to avoid creating an unfair imbalance in a child’s bond with one parent over the other, which could have detrimental implications for their growth and development.

A Concord child support lawyer can help you understand how your unique calculation will be made to ensure a fair and appropriate agreement is executed.

Work With Us to Modify An Existing Order

Obtaining a modification for a child support order can be a complicated and stressful process. We provide legal representation to help you navigate this process and attempt to obtain the best modification possible for your case.

To successfully petition the court for a child support modification, you must be able to show that your circumstances have significantly changed since the court issued your last child support order. Our lawyers can help you determine whether you have grounds for such a modification. Then, we can work with you to file all necessary documents and negotiate a new arrangement.

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