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Divorce and other family law matters often create significant personal and financial challenges. Sometimes, just knowing that you have a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate on your side can provide a tremendous source of relief and confidence during such a difficult time. A Concord family lawyer is an essential asset during any family law case.

Thoughtful Counsel and Solutions For Family Law Matters

You can find the strong advocate you require at Lancaster and St. Louis. Located in Concord, North Carolina, we provide skilled and compassionate representation on behalf of clients in a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce and separation: We represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces. We have the knowledge and experience to address all issues that may arise in your divorce, including property and asset division, complex property division, child custody, visitation, post-separation support, alimony payments, and child support.
  • Child custody and visitation: We have extensive experience assisting clients with child custody and visitation issues that arise during the process as well as any required custody or visitation modifications. We have also represented clients in cases involving third-party custody and visitation.
  • Child support payments: We assist clients with child support matters in divorce cases. We also represent clients in child support enforcement actions and child support modifications.
  • Modifications of existing orders: We represent clients who are seeking (or opposing) a modification of custody, visitation, child support or alimony.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: We draft and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.
  • Agency and interfamily adoptions: Including stepparent adoption, grandparent and extended family adoption, and foster child adoption. We also handle the termination of parental rights as part of the adoption process.

What Evidence Can Help My Family Law Case?

In every family law case, the significance of collecting evidence with your Concord family lawyer cannot be overstated. Whether you are trying to prove the spouse you are divorcing is unfit for child custody, needs to pay more spousal support, or is hiding assets that should be up for property division, finding different forms of evidence could be a critical component of your family law case.

Some of the most compelling pieces of evidence you can bring to court include:

  • Financial documents: Allowing a judge to have a comprehensive view of your finances could be extremely advantageous, especially in divorce cases. This can include your bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, and even any records you have of joint and individual assets. These documents can help a court decide how property should be divided and what an appropriate spousal support arrangement should look like.
  • Communication records: Various text messages, emails, and social media activity can all provide insights into your ex-spouse’s general character and how they conduct themself outside of the courtroom. These records could be beneficial pieces of evidence for child custody cases. For instance, a thread of text messages could reveal that another parent is uncooperative or disrespectful when it comes to dealing with conflicts that involve the kids.
  • Witness statements: Acquiring testimonies from various friends, family members, or even professionals in the community, like your child’s teacher or therapist, can have a huge impact on family law matters. They can provide an unbiased, third-party account of their own observations over time that may link to similar claims you have brought up in court for consideration.
  • Evidence of parenting capabilities: If a parent wants sole or joint custody, it is recommended that they bring evidence to court that demonstrates their commitment to their child’s growth and development. This could include school records of a parent chaperoning an event, medical records that prove they stood by their child during specific treatments, or even social media posts of them attending and supporting a child’s extracurricular activities.All of these records could help show a court that you are engaged in your child’s life and would like to continue that engagement post-divorce. On the other hand, if your divorce lawyer points out a lack of evidence of engagement from the other partner, it could also raise suspicion of how involved they have been in the child’s life to date.
  • Professional assessments: While having testimony from friends and family can be of value, the same can be said of reports from psychologists, social workers, and school therapists. These professionals are skilled at understanding family dynamics and their impact on a child’s well-being.

Allowing these types of testimonies in court could make a court feel more comfortable making child custody and support decisions that are rooted in evidence-based professional recommendations.

A Concord family law attorney can be instrumental in identifying, gathering, and presenting a combination of these types of evidence and more. Their knowledge and experience can help to ensure that all relevant and compelling evidence is presented as persuasively as possible during settlement negotiations or custody battles in court to support their client’s position.

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