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When most people think of family law services, the first few things that come to mind are divorce, custody disputes and families breaking apart. At Lancaster and St. Louis, we offer services to help families come together, too.

There are very few law firms that handle adoptions, and we are proud to count ourselves among them. Our Concord adoptions lawyers can help your adoption process go as smoothly as possible.

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The Role of a Concord Step-Parent Adoption Attorney

A Concord step-parent adoption attorneya is a valuable asset with which to navigate any step-parent adoption process. These types of adoptions have their own unique set of challenges, such as competing family dynamics, legal nuances, and a wide range of emotions that can be contentious. To alleviate the burdens that can arise from these challenges, a step-parent adoption attorney can take on the legal work so their clients can focus on their families.

Some of the main areas to which adoption attorneys add value include:

  • Navigating legal procedures: One of the main duties of a Concord adoptions lawyer is to manage all legal aspects of the adoption process. Preparing and filing various court forms and agreements on time is a large part of the role. Adoption lawyers help to ensure that all steps are followed in compliance with the law so that you don’t risk delaying or preventing an adoption from happening.
  • Representation in court: There is almost always a required court appearance for step-parent adoptions. A Concord step-parent adoption attorney can represent their client in court by presenting their case and demonstrating how this decision will be advantageous to the child’s growth and development.

The court may respond with any concerns they have about the adoptive relationship or well-being of the child, which an attorney will be prepared to address in order for their clients to secure the adoption.

  • Counseling on open adoption agreements: Open adoptions are scenarios in which a child will maintain a relationship with their biological parent, who will not be legally recognized as their guardian.

These can be extremely emotional hearings, especially when one party is opposed to the arrangement. In these cases, an attorney can provide counsel on the implications of the agreement and strive to balance the interests of the child with those of the adoptive and biological parents.

  • Supporting families post-divorce: For spouses who choose to remarry and want to formalize a legal relationship with their partner’s biological child, a step-parent adoption attorney can be hired to initiate this process. They can help blend the family under the law by establishing an official parental relationship between the step-parent and the child. This can be a significant milestone for families to maintain stability after a challenging divorce.
  • Assisting with parental and visitation rights: An attorney will also be able to provide guidance on how adoption will influence parental and visitation rights. This is especially important in open adoptions in which a child will remain in contact with their biological parents.

Adoption Attorneys Helping People Become Families

Whether you are seeking to adopt a baby through an adoption agency, are seeking to adopt a stepchild, or are currently a foster parent who is now interested in adopting, our family law attorneys are ready — and eager — to help.

Both our attorneys have experience working with children and with families. As parents ourselves, we get involved in our communities through volunteering, coaching and serving as legal advocates for children.

The Adoption Services We Provide

Our range of adoption services includes:

  • Agency adoptions
  • Stepparent adoption, including termination of parental rights of the noninvolved parent
  • Interfamily adoption, grandparent and extended family adoption
  • Foster child adoption
  • A Note About Termination Of Parental Rights (TPR)

TPR is a necessary component of the adoption process if there is another biological parent who may oppose the adoption. However, we also assist single parents through the TPR process when there are no adoption proceedings pending, as well.

Adoption Is A Complex Legal Process

The legal steps to successfully adopt a child can be overwhelming. We start our service by explaining the steps ahead of you, so you will not be surprised when you run into a temporary roadblock. From there, we help you gather the records and reports you need, and process the paperwork correctly and in a timely fashion.

At each step, you can turn to us for advice and support, with confidence that you have a team of family law professionals taking the lead.

Learn More By Contacting Our Attorneys

Whether you are just starting to discuss adoption or have already started and now need experienced legal counsel, turn to us for help. From our offices located in nearby Concord, North Carolina, our lawyers represent families throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area.

Contact us at 704-792-1277 or send an email to arrange an opportunity to discuss the adoption process with one of our lawyers right away.

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