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Protecting You in Property Division Divorce Cases

Property and asset division is often a highly contested issue in any divorce. The outcome of this dispute will have a severe impact on your financial future. The best way to ensure the protection of your rights is to retain a knowledgeable Concord property division lawyer.

For help in Cabarrus County or the surrounding areas, contact Lancaster and St. Louis. We are prepared to address any property division issue that may arise in your divorce, including:

  • Investment accounts, businesses and real estate
  • Determining marital vs. separate property
  • Division of complex property and assets
  • Valuating assets, such as a marital home

We are committed to providing each of our clients with quality legal representation and superior service. To schedule a consultation with a skilled family law attorney at our firm, contact our law office in Concord, North Carolina.

Property Division and Equitable Distribution In North Carolina

North Carolina law requires an equal division of marital property unless the court finds in its discretion that an equal division would be inequitable. However, courts can and do exercise their discretion in a variety of ways, and there is no guarantee that the court will divide property and debts in your case in an equal manner.

Because of this discretion, you can greatly benefit by having a lawyer who can assist you. You can find the strong advocate you require at Lancaster and St. Louis.

The Role of a Concord Property Division Lawyer

A Concord property division lawyer can ease your anxiety by advocating for your rights during the property division process. These lawyers have the experience necessary to navigate the nuances of splitting up marital assets between each spouse to ensure that the manner in which everything is distributed remains fair and equitable.

Property division can be an especially emotional process that also comes with significant contention. Spouses are often proud of the assets they have acquired during a marriage and struggle to part with such assets.

A seasoned property division lawyer can also step in to negotiate and navigate the legal nuances of equitable distribution with the other side while protecting their client’s interests.

Marital Assets and Property Division in Concord

One of the most critical steps in dividing property before a divorce is official is to identify and classify all marital assets. Marital assets can include a long list of items that both parties have likely grown to cherish and expect to always be in their life, including real estate property, retirement accounts, specific investments, businesses, and other forms of personal property.

Once a Concord property division lawyer has identified all items that are up for consideration, they can lead the process of working with an appraiser to understand each item’s worth. They can supervise this step to ensure each item receives a fair valuation.

The court attempts to divide property equitably, meaning there won’t necessarily be a completely even split. Instead, many factors will be considered when determining how property will be divided. Because the division of assets can have significant implications on each spouse’s financial stability, a spouse with a lower income may receive a larger share of the marital assets to offset their economic vulnerabilities.

Resolving Property Division Disputes

It’s not uncommon for property division disputes to surface during a divorce. In fact, it’s one of the more challenging aspects that can be anticipated. Some of the most common reasons for disputes are due to disagreements over how items have been classified or valued, or how each legal team is proposing they are split. These types of disagreements can breed contentious court battles.

Fortunately, a Cabarrus County equitable division attorney is familiar with different strategies to work through these disputes and reach a resolution. Their overall objective is to ensure that the division of marital assets is legally sound and that both parties reach a consensus that the agreement seems fair and reasonable. They can try to achieve this through mediation sessions or their own negotiation tactics.

If the parting couple cannot come to this agreement on their own, the case will need to be advanced to court, where a judge will make a final decision.

However, the process can be completed much faster with lower legal costs if the couple divorcing is generally agreeable and can reach a consensus on their own. Financial mediation is required during the process and can be helpful in giving you more control over your settlement and taking it out of a Judge’s hands.

Complex Property Division And Retirement

Dividing property and assets is one of the most important components of a divorce. Property division and divorce become much more intricate for individuals in Concord who have extensive or complex marital assets. There are several issues to confront when dividing complex assets, from uncovering hidden assets to valuing a business.

At Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC, our attorneys understand the myriad details of North Carolina’s property division laws. We have assisted numerous clients who have extensive assets and complicated financial portfolios reach favorable property division settlements and divide retirement accounts in divorce.

Our seasoned divorce lawyers understand the steps to take to protect your financial standing in your property division settlement. We can assist you if you are getting a divorce and own complex assets such as:

  • Family-owned business
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Investment accounts
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Pensions
  • Retirement accounts

Equitably Dividing Your Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts can pose a significant challenge in property distribution. After years spent preparing financially for your retirement, you now face the possibility of dividing your hard-earned retirement funds with your spouse.

Many people contribute to these accounts before and during the marriage, which means that the retirement account contains both separate and marital funds. Untangling this web is very complicated and frequently necessitates skilled legal assistance.

Protecting Your Finances And Your Rights

The state of North Carolina requires equitable distribution of marital property between both parties. Many of our clients are concerned with protecting their assets and emerging from their divorce financially sound.

Our team of attorneys customizes a property division strategy to fit your unique financial situation. No matter how complex your financial portfolio may be, we strive to protect your finances and defend your best interests when reaching an equitable distribution arrangement.

Legal Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

We understand that each client and each case is unique. We will take time to listen to you, understand your objectives and tailor our legal services to meet your needs. We take a comprehensive view when representing your case.

Our lawyers will take into account the cumulative impact of financial matters such as property division, child support and alimony/financial support. Using this broad-based approach, we protect your rights and financial interests.

Discuss Your Property Division Goals with A Skilled Lawyer

Our office in Concord, North Carolina, serves clients in Cabarrus County, the Charlotte metro area and surrounding areas. To schedule a consultation with a Concord equitable distribution attorney at Lancaster and St. Louis, call 704-792-1277, or contact us by email

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