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The advantages of being the first to file for divorce

Marriages can disintegrate in a variety of ways. One spouse may be unhappy for a long time, while the other may not even realize there’s a problem. In other cases, both parties may be struggling in the relationship, and the progression towards divorce seems inevitable—it’s just a matter of time.

If the end of your marriage is in clear sight, you may think it doesn’t matter whether you or your spouse pulls the plug first. However, taking the initiative to file for divorce can have some benefits. In today’s post, we examine why being the first to file can give you the upper hand in a divorce.

School supplies: who pays when parents are separated or divorced?

Your kids are probably not excited about summer ending and going back to school - and there is a good chance you are not thrilled about the new school year either. Back to school season brings on several stressors for parents; from new activities, scheduling issues, supplies and new financial burdens.

According to a Zulily survey, 52 percent of parents are stressed out during back to school season. The most significant contributor to this stress is the cost of shopping for new clothes, accessories and school supplies. With average costs ranging from $200 to $600 (or more), it can be a substantial dip into already-tight monthly budgets.

A guide to social media and divorce

Facebook has grown so popular that it may seem like second nature to post frequent updates about your life, including your divorce. While it may not seem like a big deal to post about your divorce and your soon-to-be ex on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, posting about your divorce can lead to negative consequences.

Everything posted on social media can be used as evidence throughout the discovery process in court. During divorce litigation, this means your spouse has the potential to use anything you have posted on social media against you. it is not surprising that with increased use globally that there is an increase in social media being used as evidence in divorce court.

North Carolina parental rights for children born out of wedlock

When a married couple has a child together, the parental rights are pretty cut and dried. But what happens when an unmarried couple has a child? The laws for such a circumstance vary from state to state.

In today’s post, we discuss a few important considerations for unmarried parents in North Carolina:

Is a parenting coordinator a good option for my divorce?

No one hopes for a divorce. If you’re facing this reality, you’re probably not happy about it. Even if your rational mind realizes it’s best for you and your partner to be apart, you may still be grieving the end of a meaningful relationship. And if the marriage ended badly, you may have animus towards your partner or the desire to seek revenge.

If all bridges in the relationship are effectively burned, coming to an agreement on even the most basic decisions regarding your kids can seem impossible. In highly contentious divorces such as these, a parenting coordinator may be called upon to help iron things out.

When you’re going through a divorce, your dog’s hurting too.

You and your spouse have decided to call it quits. You’re probably busy divvying up your possessions, making claims on shared friends and sorting out your alimony. What you probably aren’t doing, however, is considering how this major turn of events is impacting your dog.

It’s worth remembering that a divorce is traumatic for every member of your household—including your pet. In today’s post, we discuss why it’s important to consider your furry friend’s wellbeing when you and your ex part ways.

How to build the right legal protections for your business

If you're starting a new business, it's important to take the right preparatory steps to protect yourself and prevent legal trouble down the road. In today's post, we discuss three key legal protections that any entrepreneur should have:

Select an appropriate business structure.

Co-parent communication with apps: keeping kids out of the middle

It should come as no surprise that co-parents find it challenging to keep in close communication with their former partner after separation or divorce. Ultimately, most parents understand the importance of good communication with a co-parent. A solid communication plan between co-parents serves to provide stability and minimizes stress for the children.

Children shouldn't be messengers between parents

Can your commute time affect your marriage?

You and your wife have spent your entire married life in Concord. You bought a house here. You raised a family here. And you've both had satisfying careers here. But this year, you got an unexpected surprise. Your boss offered you a promotion in the Charlotte office.

Taking the job would mean increased responsibility and a sizeable pay raise. However, it would also mean a considerably longer commute. During rush hour, you'd be looking at close to two hours behind the wheel each day. Should the added commute time really impact your decision?

How dangerous is it to drive while drowsy?

There has been a growing push in recent years to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and texting while driving. Such behaviors pose real threats to safety on the road and lead to high numbers of unnecessary tragedies each year.

Even if you’ve never driven while tipsy, and you always wait until you’re parked to check your phone messages, there is another type of driving behavior that nearly all of us have been guilty of: drowsy driving.

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