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Concord, NC Child Support Attorney

Attorneys Taking A Fair Stand On Child Support Payments in North Carolina

If you need an attorney to protect your rights in a child support matter, contact Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC. We represent clients in a wide range of family law matters involving child support obligations, including:

Let us put our experience to work for you. To schedule a consultation with a family law attorney at our firm, contact our law office in Concord, North Carolina.

Understanding the North Carolina Child Support Laws

The North Carolina child support guidelines create a mathematical formula that is utilized by courts to compute child support awards. While the formula is straightforward, unique issues may arise that require the attention of a knowledgeable family law attorney, including:

  • Imputing income to voluntarily unemployed parents
  • Cases involving children with special needs that may involve higher costs of care
  • Determining the net income of a self-employed parent
  • Child support deviations for cases involving special circumstances

If retained to handle your child support matter, we will conduct a guideline child support calculation on your behalf. We will file all necessary paperwork with the court, negotiate and advocate on your behalf at any necessary hearings. You can rely on Lancaster and St. Louis for sound advice and vigorous representation.

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