2 Online Tools To Facilitate Effective Co-Parenting Communication

Raising children involves keeping them busy and managing their day-to-day schedules. Whether this includes multiple extracurricular activities, school events or medical appointments, a family calendar can help.

A family calendar and communication system is especially critical during and after a divorce. When parents are not together communication can become a serious challenge. We have provided some helpful options below that can help you navigate this process keeping you – and your children – on track.

Google Calendar: The benefits of using Google Calendar are numerous, including:

  • Free
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Many already have a Google account
  • Accessible on many different platforms (mobile, desktop)

For parents who simply need to share a joint calendar to know what is scheduled on a day-to-day basis for their children, Google calendar can be a simple answer. It eliminates the need to keep separate calendars at each home and can be an effective communication tool so both parents are on the same page. In addition, Google Docs and Google Drive is a great place to share information received from school or extracurricular activities.

Our Family Wizard (OFW): This tool has been around for awhile, but is often unknown to parents who are new to the co-parenting process. OFW does come with an annual subscription fee, but the platform is more robust than free options. Some of the features include a calendar, messaging platform, expense tracker and a journal. If necessary, parents may even allow third-parties to view the information in this tool such as a therapist or a parenting consultant.

One of the most interesting features of OFW is the “ToneMeter”. The ToneMeter is referred to as an “emotional spell check” which basically means that it reviews the language and emotional tone used in the messaging system and suggests alternative options. The goal is to rephrase messages that may antagonize the other parent thus heightening conflict.

OFW is a good option for any family, but especially those parents experiencing a high-conflict co-parenting relationship.

Use online tools to develop effective co-parenting communication

The use of online tools to assist you as you move forward in your co-parenting relationship can be effective and transformative. There are other messaging and calendar options that may work better for you. If you find that you are running into issues with the other parent, find a tool that better facilitates communication and lay the groundwork for how you will use it. Your children will thank you for it.

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