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July 2017 Archives

Patients pay the price for non-compliance with dental guidelines

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist due to the pain that can accompany even the simplest dental procedures. In many cases, the pain is manageable and patients leave the dentist's office feeling as if the worst is over.

Should you use your child to relay messages between parents?

After divorce, you -- like many other North Carolina residents -- may hope to avoid seeing your ex as often as possible. However, as parents, the two of you will likely need to continue your interactions in order to ensure that you adhere to custody arrangements and that your children continue to receive the necessary and proper care. Still, you may hope to find ways to minimize the interactions as much as possible.

North Carolina lawmakers consider new child custody law

Getting a divorce is never an easy thing. Even marriages that end amicably are likely to have a few difficulties during the divorce process. This is particularly true in cases that involve children. These divorces must resolve not just property division determinations and alimony issues, but must also address child custody and child support arrangements.

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