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August 2018 Archives

Divorced parents face new challenges in back to school season

Keeping up with children is hard. With kids now returning to school, knowing what supplies to buy and what fashion statements to avoid is a challenge for every parent. When a family has divorced, there are extra challenges looming. Co-parents need to agree on budget, timing, schedules and more.

Back to school can be difficult for children after a divorce

A divorce is hard on everyone involved. Even in the most problematic relationships where two spouses cannot wait to be legally divorced, the legal process adds unique stress. While adults and children both suffer, adults have a better grip on the situation and tend to cope better in the aftermath.

Keeping your career on track during divorce

Even if the decision to divorce was mutual, it will still impact your life in significant ways. You can have the most amicable divorce possible, but still get distracted by the details of separating marital property, creating a parenting plan and negotiating spousal or child support.

Student loans and debt can drive couples apart

Marriage is a partnership between two individuals. No matter what how love-stricken and ready you may feel going into a marriage, life as a couple is different than life as two individuals. Most couples merge finances and assets. If there is a disparity in wealth between the two of you, or considerable debt, it influences your relationship in other ways.

The advantages of being the first to file for divorce

Marriages can disintegrate in a variety of ways. One spouse may be unhappy for a long time, while the other may not even realize there’s a problem. In other cases, both parties may be struggling in the relationship, and the progression towards divorce seems inevitable—it’s just a matter of time.

School supplies: who pays when parents are separated or divorced?

Your kids are probably not excited about summer ending and going back to school - and there is a good chance you are not thrilled about the new school year either. Back to school season brings on several stressors for parents; from new activities, scheduling issues, supplies and new financial burdens.

A guide to social media and divorce

Facebook has grown so popular that it may seem like second nature to post frequent updates about your life, including your divorce. While it may not seem like a big deal to post about your divorce and your soon-to-be ex on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, posting about your divorce can lead to negative consequences.


"As a dad in a child custody case, I was very scared that I would not get enough parenting time with my young daughter. But, these two attorneys believed in me and helped me get a 50/50 week on/off schedule from the Judge for my daughter. Their hard work and determination blew me away, and I am forever grateful." -F.

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