Can someone’s demeanor impact their divorce outcome?

Divorce is stressful, even when both parties get along after deciding to end their marriage. The process can bring out the worst qualities in the best of people, which can lead to additional obstacles if those feelings are displayed in public.

In today’s world, figure everything you say or write can be seen or heard by everyone else. That includes a mean-spirited voicemail or a social media post. Anything a person says can damage reputations, cause extra friction among and between families, and potentially harm a person’s chances for a favorable divorce decision.

Consider the benefits of taking the high road

Even when criticizing a soon-to-be-ex-spouse is justified, taking a businesslike approach to a divorce can help them achieve better results, in three crucial areas:

  • Child custody: Courts focus on the well-being of children. Spouses can use examples of animosity against them as reasons that they should receive more parenting time with their kids. Nasty or mean-spirited remarks can lower a person’s credibility and likability with the judge.
  • Dividing assets: Posting or saying negative things about a spouse, or even calling their workplace to pick a fight can harm both parties’ reputations. This can have the effect of making a spouse less likely to negotiate in good faith and damaging their reputation with an employer, which could end up harming their earning potential resulting in fewer assets to divide.
  • Stress levels: Taking a reasonable and cooperative approach can not only help avoid the consequences mentioned above but also reduce stress for everyone involved. From a practical standpoint, it can result in a quicker and less costly process. A negotiation based on respect can also set a positive tone for the future co-parenting relationship.

Momentary meltdowns can be costly

Even though showing anger and resentment against a spouse may be warranted, hostile behavior can lead to a more protracted and bitter fight. An experienced family law attorney here in North Carolina can help you remain focused on your immediate and long-term goals to receive the best possible result.

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