Dispelling divorce myths for men

If you’re getting divorced, the aftermath may seem bleak. No one likes the prospect of lengthy custody battles, financial loss or decreased life expectancy. But many men think this is what the future holds once their marriage is over.

The reality is far less harsh. Divorce does come with a unique set of challenges. Yet these are surmountable if you engage in a bit of myth busting.

Myth 1: Men won’t get custody

In divorces, women often receive primary custody of children. But some states have adopted shared parenting laws that protect the rights of both parents. In North Carolina, no presumption of joint custody exists, and the court determines custody based on the child’s best interest. Filing for custody, whether primary or joint, is the best guarantee of spending the time with your children that you want and deserve.

Myth 2: Men must shield their assets

Protecting your assets is wise when divorcing. Shielding or hiding assets is a different matter altogether. Doing so comes with potential legal and financial consequences if discovered – including sanctions, additional fines, release of ownership or even arrest. If you are upfront and transparent about your finances, you’ll pay less in the long run.

Myth 3: Men will have divorce-related health problems

Men are more likely than women to experience divorce-related health problems. Knowing the signs of common physical and mental health issues can help you fight them. As can working with a therapist, working out and following a balanced diet. Take care of yourself during divorce, and you’ll have a better chance at a second chance.

Divorce is difficult for men. But if you can bust through the myths surrounding it, your odds of coming out unscathed increase. All it takes is knowing your rights and taking care of yourself when the going gets tough.

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