Divorce with multiple children can pose unique challenges

Going through a divorce is a challenging situation for an adult, but it’s even more difficult when you have children involved. Having more than one child when you’re in the midst of a split can be hard because each child may cope in a different manner.

There are several ways that children might react when their parents get divorced. One of these is that the children might become rivals with each other, either by taking sides or trying to gain a parent’s favor. Trying to prevent them and curb those rivalries when they occur can help the children as they adjust to the new way of life.

Why might children become rivals?

One of the biggest reasons why children might become rivals is because they’re craving the attention of their parents. They may feel as though their parents are already stretched thin and may not think they can accept any less attention than they were getting before.

Parents can help to curb this from occurring by ensuring that the children have time with each parent. Taking the time to plan one-on-one, as well as whole family, activities benefits the children and can help to build the bond between everyone in the new dynamic.

Taking the time to watch how each child is reacting to the divorce can help you to determine how to help them through the process. Children typically need to have stability in such a major life change. One way you can do this is to have the parenting plan set in place as early as possible. This can help establish a framework that will help children adjust to the changes in their lives.

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