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When equitable distribution may not be equal distribution

In our last post, we talked about the North Carolina law that allows for equitable distribution of property in divorces. What exactly does an equitable (fair) division or property mean, and how does it differ from equal division? How does a judge determine what is equitable? Today we examine how equitable distribution works in practice.

What happens when a military couple divorces in North Carolina?

If you or your spouse is in the military and you choose to divorce, you will file for divorce in the state in which you live. If you claim North Carolina as your home, you will have to prove it as your domicile (e.g., by showing that you paid taxes or voted in that state).

Divorce: Is it in our genes?

People who grow up with divorced parents often say that they want to avoid raising their own kids in a similar situation. Unfortunately, this could be harder than you think thanks to the fact that research shows a higher likelihood of divorce among children of divorced parents.

I cheated: How will this affect my divorce?

Having an affair or cheating on a spouse can spell the demise of a marriage, no matter how hard one or both parties work to repair the damage. Unfortunately, it can also make for an incredibly painful and contentious divorce because of the physical, emotional and psychological toll it takes on both people.

Keep detailed records when alimony is agreed

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about alimony and how this critical form of financial support is determined. Today, we want to continue that conversation by talking about the recordkeeping practices that a spouse should follow after they have been awarded alimony or have been given the responsibility of paying alimony.

How does social media behavior affect my divorce?

Turning to social media as an outlet during difficult times is something many people do. If you have a bad day, you might vent on Facebook; if you are unhappy with a service you received, you might send out a tweet recounting the experience; if you are feeling sad or upset, you might post a picture on Instagram looking for support and kind words.

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