How to co-parent during the school year

School is back in session. Gone are the lazy days of summer fun when you and your ex-spouse enjoyed a more relaxed co-parenting schedule.

Now it’s time for school, homework, extra-curricular activities, and sports. How can you and the other parent ensure that your children maintain a regular schedule in two households?

Tips for more effective co-parenting

Communication is the primary component of effective co-parenting. It may be difficult with different appointments, activities, and curriculums to keep track of along with your own schedule. However, communication is key to making co-parenting work. It’s essential to schedule regular check-ins and share information with the other parent.

Establish a routine because any parent will tell you that children thrive on routine. Having a set schedule gives kids a sense of security and helps them to know what to expect. This is especially true when there are two homes involved. During the week, the child should have a regular bedtime, mealtimes, and homework time.

While it’s essential to have a set schedule, sometimes you will need to be flexible. If one parent is running late, the other should be willing to adjust their schedule accordingly. But, both of you should try to limit these changes.

Another way to help ease the transition is to accept that your children are getting older and let them have some age-appropriate independence. You and your ex-spouse need to discuss and agree on a solution that both of you are comfortable with. Not only does this benefit your children, but it also eases some pressure on you.

Co-parenting during the school year can be challenging, but it is possible to make it work if both parents are willing to put in the effort. By communicating clearly and setting boundaries, co-parents can create a schedule that works for everyone.

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