How to start the decade off right following a divorce

The beginning of a new year provides divorcees a chance for a fresh start. After persevering through the difficulties of divorce, now you have the opportunity to set off in a new direction in life.

Emotionally processing a divorce is no simple task and everyone’s mileage will vary when it comes to moving on. With your divorce in your past, how do you make sure you start 2020 on the right foot?

Spend more time with your children

If you have kids, then they’re also feeling the effects of your divorce. It can be challenging to move forward with a normal family life after separating from your spouse, but the new year offers you a chance to build h4er emotional bonds with your children. Spending more one-on-one time with them can create new family memories and a renewed sense of closeness.

Reach out to your support system

When navigating any kind of difficulty, being around people who care about you and your well-being is crucial. Not only will they provide you with comfort and company when you need it, but your support system also offers a much-needed distraction from everything you have been dealing with. Consider making some extra trips out to visit relatives or planning some getaways with close friends, if your schedule permits it.

Enjoy some well-deserved ‘you’ time

You just spent a significant amount of your attention and energy on your divorce, now you get to enjoy a little bit of ‘you’ time. Fall back into your hobbies, take up some new ones or reconnect with old friends. Starting a new workout routine provides an excellent opportunity to fill your schedule with a healthy, positive activity and enjoy the endorphins from exercising.

New year, new opportunities

Divorce is a messy and chaotic process. Having made it through to the other side, take the time to set yourself up for success. Focus on improving yourself and the relationships that are important to you in 2020 and you’ll reap the benefits of a happier, healthier decade ahead.

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