If you expect divorce resistance, watch out for these tactics

Sometimes, a marriage ends because both spouses want to get out of the relationship. Other times, only one spouse desires a divorce, while the other would rather stay married and work things out.

Any divorce can present challenges, but one-sided divorces typically come with extra obstacles the parties must overcome. If you anticipate heavy opposition from your spouse, the sections below contain examples of tactics they may use against you.

Using the kids

Whether they mean to or not, many resistant spouses try to use the children you share as a bargaining tool in divorce negotiations. In addition to harming the psychological health of your kids, this tactic can make you feel desperate enough to give in to your spouse’s demands.

Failing to cooperate

Divorces require cooperation during negotiations unless you don’t mind walking away from your marriage with a questionable settlement. Some spouses will not participate during negotiations to delay the process or further complicate matters. It can be frustrating enough to make you rethink your position on critical divorce issues.

Slinging accusations

When those who want to hold on to their marriage feel truly desperate, they may say untruthful things about the other spouse. Often, this is just acting out inappropriately and would not harm the other party. However, if one accuses the other of child abuse or criminal activity, it can affect your divorce and devastate the whole family.

Not all people use questionable tactics to interfere with divorce, but knowing the possibilities helps you prepare and respond appropriately (or not at all). Combine what you learned from this post with knowledge about North Carolina divorce laws to protect your property and parental rights.

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