Minimize the stress of transition days for your children

Transition days are sometimes a huge source of stress for children. They may worry that they will have to see their parents being unkind to each other. There isn’t really any good reason for parents to do things on transition days that will cause the children to be uneasy.

On the days when the child switches from one parent to another, both adults should take steps to make things as easy for the child as possible. The kids are already dealing with a lot, so they don’t need anything else to rock what little stability they still have.

Who transport the children might matter

One of the possible steps you can take to help the children on transition days is to have the parent with current possession take them to the other parent. For most kids, especially younger ones, it’s easier to handle transition days if they have the drive to adjust to the fact that they’re going to the other parent’s house.

You may also use a countdown to when the transition will happen. Some children get stressed out when they suddenly find out that it’s time to switch homes. Counting down the days — even just a quick reminder each day — can help them with the adjustment because they may feel more prepared.

It might behoove you to have terms for transition days included in the parenting plan. This may set the standard for calm transitions that help the children. Ultimately, it will be up to you and your ex to determine how these days turn out, but those guidelines might help.

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