Three tips to make it through Thanksgiving following a divorce

Thanksgiving a joyful time of year for many families. However, if your marriage has just come to an end, this time of year can be lonely—and a painful reminder of everything you’ve lost.

For your own sake—and for the sake of your children—it’s important to have a healthy strategy to get through the festivities. In today’s post, we outline some key guidelines for keeping your Thanksgiving cheery.

  • Be thankful. Thanksgiving is a time to focus your attention on gratitude for all of the good things in your life—not dwelling on the negative. Talk to your kids about all of the reasons you have to be grateful—and encourage them to share their ideas. Modeling positive coping in this way is beneficial for both you and your kids.
  • Practice effective co-parenting. If you and your ex are on decent terms, you may opt to celebrate Thanksgiving together. If this isn’t an option for you, then it’s important to have a clear plan in place regarding how you’ll split time with your kids over the holidays. Always display cordiality towards your ex in front of your kids.
  • Be good to yourself. Chances are, you’ll end up spending at least part of the holiday weekend alone. Take this time to do anything that will make you happy. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, meeting with friends or treating yourself to a shopping spree, prioritize your own emotional wellbeing above all else.

Whenever a marriage comes to an end, there is a natural grieving period. But the holidays provide an opportunity to regain normalcy by creating new, positive family traditions.

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