Why stay off social media during your divorce?

If you share your life on social media, you need to think carefully about what you post when divorcing. Things that were fine to do a few months back could have serious consequences now.

Getting the best outcome possible during divorce and child custody hearings relies on presenting the best version of yourself. People spend hours crafting their social media accounts to only portray their best side, yet often, it shows us at our worst.

It is easy to get carried away and drawn into arguments on the internet. Many people feel free to express views that they would be more careful about sharing in real life.

If your spouse gets hold of these, they might use such posts to persuade a judge to rule against you. For instance, they use some of the social media arguments you have had with strangers to say you are an intolerant person who is also aggressive toward them.

Even innocent posts could harm your divorce prospects

Let’s say you post photos of yourself and some friends on vacation. Depending on the content, your spouse could use the images to suggest you were up to no good. For example, taking photos of you sitting at a table full of wine and looking a bit hungover the next day to suggest you have a drinking problem. Or using the pictures of you with your arm around an old school friend to suggest you were having an affair.

People can go to desperate measures during a divorce, and combing your social media may be one of those. Having help as you explain away any possible issues will be crucial to getting the divorce outcomes you need.

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