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Experienced Concord Child Custody and Child Support Modification Attorneys

Family law orders may be modified under certain circumstances, and a Concord modifications lawyer can help. If you are seeking or opposing the modification of a family law order, contact Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC. We represent clients in a wide range of modification proceedings, including:

To speak with a family law lawyer at our firm about a modification, contact our law office in Concord, North Carolina.

Child Support Modifications

We can help if you are seeking or opposing a child support modification. If you feel you are paying too much support or not receiving enough support, our attorneys can perform a guideline child support calculation on your behalf to determine if you have grounds for a child support modification.

You may be able to obtain a modification of an existing child support order if there has been a significant change of circumstances since the time that your last child support order was entered.

A job layoff, changing needs of a minor child or other significant changes may warrant a child support modification. In addition, you may be entitled to a review of your child support award or obligation if it has been at least three years since your last child support order was entered.

If you have grounds for a modification, we can make all necessary filings with the court, negotiate on your behalf to seek a resolution of your child support dispute, and vigorously protect your rights and interests at any necessary hearings.

Visitation And Child Custody Modifications

We can help if you are seeking to modify custody or visitation. To modify an existing order, you must prove that there has been a significant change of circumstances. You must also prove that the requested change of custody or the modification of a visitation schedule is in the best interests of the minor child.

Changes to a visitation schedule are sought on a variety of grounds by parents, including changes to a work schedule, the changing needs of children and other factors. While minor or moderate changes to a visitation schedule are more easily obtained than a change of custody, there are a number of reasons why a change of custody may be warranted. If your child’s physical or emotional welfare is in jeopardy for any reason, contact us immediately for assistance.

The Role of a Concord Modifications Attorney

A Concord modifications attorney can be an immense help in navigating alterations to a previously established divorce agreement. These attorneys understand the nuances of family law and how it affects post-divorce modifications.

They can provide support that extends to any modifications needed with child custody, child support, visitation, or any other post-divorce agreements that already exist.

Some of the most critical areas they could help with include:

  • Handling child custody and visitation changes: Life circumstances could change after a divorce agreement is made and require a modification to any child custody or visitation orders. Different circumstances may change, such as the need to relocate for work. In this case, the court would be required to reexamine the details of any custody or visitation plan to see what alterations are needed to ensure the arrangement is fair and beneficial to the children’s well-being.

This might mean that instead of a child sharing weekdays with both parents, they may need to split up the time based on weeks and weekends if one parent will be moving out of the school district.

  • Modifying child and spousal support orders: Another change that can happen abruptly is one parent’s financial circumstances. This could be due to the loss of a job, a demotion, or any other reason that necessitates the modification of support orders. In these instances, an attorney can step in to recalculate what spousal and child support needs will still exist in the new financial landscape.

Support orders can be flexible in order to ensure that support will always be there for divorced couples and their children, even when the family’s needs are changing.

  • Presenting a case for modification in court: When a party is seeking to modify any aspect of their divorce agreement, their attorney will need to present a compelling case to the court during reexamination. This will involve the presentation of evidence to demonstrate the exact nature of the financial change that they believe warrants a modification.

The attorney’s role in this process will be to prepare all legal documents, represent their clients during the hearing, and articulate how the new version of the post-divorce agreement will be necessary for all stakeholders involved under the new circumstances.

  • Advising on legal procedures and compliance: Because most people are not well-versed in the legal procedures of a post-divorce modification, a Concord modification attorney can fill in this knowledge gap. They can supervise the entire process of requesting the change to ensure that all actions comply with court orders and state law.

They can also help to file the required petitions, advise their clients on legal requirements, and ensure that all actions within the process of requesting a modification avoid being misconstrued as contempt of court.

  • Advocating for fair and equitable resolutions: The end goal of a divorce modification attorney is to be a legal ally who helps their client and the entire family reach a new fair and equitable resolution. This requires them to understand the nature of any pre-existing separation agreements and ensure that the new proposition still honors the original needs while detailing what needs to change to minimize any disruptions to the lives of everyone involved.

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