Adoption Attorneys Helping People Become Families

When most people think of family law services, the first few things that come to mind are divorce, custody disputes and families breaking apart. At Lancaster and St. Louis, we offer services to help families come together, too. There are very few law firms that handle adoptions, and we are proud to count ourselves among them.

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Whether you are seeking to adopt a baby through an adoption agency, are seeking to adopt a stepchild or are a currently a foster parent who is now interested in adopting, our family law attorneys are ready — and eager — to help.

Both our attorneys have experience working with children and with families. As parents ourselves, we get involved in our communities through volunteering, coaching and serving as legal advocates for children.

The Adoption Services We Provide

Our range of adoption services includes:

  • Agency adoptions
  • Stepparent adoption, including termination of parental rights of the noninvolved parent
  • Interfamily adoption, grandparent and extended family adoption
  • Foster child adoption

A Note About Termination Of Parental Rights (TPR)

TPR is a necessary component of the adoption process if there is another biological parent who may oppose the adoption. However, we also assist single parents through the TPR process when there are no adoption proceedings pending, as well.

Adoption Is A Complex Legal Process

The legal steps to successfully adopt a child can be overwhelming. We start our service by explaining the steps ahead of you, so you will not be surprised when you run into a temporary roadblock. From there, we help you gather the records and reports you need, and process the paperwork correctly and in a timely fashion.

At each step, you can turn to us for advice and support, with confidence that you have a team of family law professionals taking the lead.

Whether you are just starting to discuss adoption or have already started and now need experienced legal counsel, turn to us for help. From our offices located in nearby Concord, North Carolina, our lawyers represent families throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area. Contact us at 704-743-4204 or send an email to arrange an opportunity to discuss the adoption process with one of our lawyers right away.