If I Don’t Have Children, Do I Really Need A Divorce Attorney?

Divorce can be just as complex for couples who do not have children as it is for those who do. Even if you and your spouse do not have to address factors like child custody or visitation in your divorce without children, you must still consider complex issues like property division and alimony.

No matter your circumstances, working with an experienced attorney is crucial to protect your rights in a divorce. Located in Concord, at Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC, we are here to provide strong representation and guide you throughout the legal process. Our experienced attorneys can help you work toward a resolution that addresses your present needs and helps ensure a bright future.

A Divorce That Seems Simple Is Often Complex

Some North Carolinians believe that because they do not have children and their circumstances seem comparatively simple, they can represent themselves in their divorce proceedings. This, however, is a misconception that can be time-consuming and costly. A divorce that initially appears simple can quickly become complicated. Far too many people try to go through a divorce on their own, only to encounter challenging legal obstacles or make an expensive mistake.

Your Divorce Deserves A Unique Strategy

The lawyers at Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC, have handled numerous divorce cases for clients with a wide variety of life circumstances. Because we have such a wide range of experience, we can develop a personalized legal strategy that has the best chance of obtaining your desired results. You do not need to consider issues that affect children, so our attorneys can devote more time to matters that are relevant to your current life such as property division or financial spousal support. We will help resolve your divorce so you can begin a new chapter.

Work With Skilled Divorce Attorneys

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