Life Changes. So Can Your Child Custody Or Visitation Order.

Over time, your life may change dramatically from when you received your child custody and visitation order. It may now be necessary to pursue a child custody modification to suit your family’s current circumstances.

Lancaster and St. Louis, PLLC, represents clients in Concord who are interested in custody or visitation modification. Our skilled and experienced family law attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of North Carolina law. We can help you obtain the modifications that you need.

When Can I Petition For A Modification?

Family courts in North Carolina base child custody and visitation orders on a couple’s circumstances at the time of the original custody and visitation or divorce order. After several months or years, you may wish to change an existing order to suit your present needs.

You may wish to seek a modification if:

  • You or the other parent is relocating
  • Your ex is not obeying the custody or visitation order
  • You fear that your child is in danger of abuse
  • Your former spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol
  • The current arrangement disrupts the child’s life

If you and the child’s other parent agree to the modifications, the court will typically grant the modification. If the two of you disagree, though, the court will issue a ruling based on the best interests of the child. You will have to demonstrate in court that your child’s living situation has changed significantly and that modifying an existing order is in your child’s best interests. Our lawyers can represent you in court and attempt to obtain the changes that you need.

Contact Us To Discuss Modifying An Existing Order

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