2 questions to help you prepare for life after divorce

You don’t have to stay in your marriage forever because you did all the paperwork at a courthouse and said a few vows about commitment. Marriage isn’t as eternal as it seems in fantasies. Some people can find themselves ready for divorce after realizing they married either when they were young and impulsive or because their spouse’s subtle abuse led to full-blown toxicity after marriage.

You may already know what brought you to file for divorce, but you may not know what to do next. You may need to consider a few questions as you proceed in the divorcing process. Here are two big questions you should ask yourself:

What do you want out of your divorce?

You don’t have to restart your entire life just because you’re ending your marriage. You may want to start thinking about a divorce settlement. This legal document establishes how you and your spouse’s assets may be divided once a divorce is settled.

You may need to consider who gets the kids and if your spouse should have any visitation rights after the split. You may feel you should keep the couch or fridge you paid for, and your car may have been given to you by a loved one and you feel you should keep it after the divorce. Knowing what you want can help you negotiate with more focus and savvy.

What will you do after your divorce?

Marriage can change a person for better or worse. You may not come out of divorce the same person you were when you went into marriage. You may also find you have a lot more time on your hands after divorce without someone else to occupy part of your time.

Starting new hobbies or joining a local interest group can ease you out of the daily routine you had during the marriage. Depending on the dynamic you and your spouse had, you may need to consider looking for a new job or downsizing assets to help balance your life.

You may feel unsure and unsteady about the future, but your divorce doesn’t have to be scary. The right legal assistance can help you through the process.

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