Is your ex struggling with substance abuse?

The relationship with your ex just wasn’t meant to be. You’ve divorced and decided to go your separate ways. However, you have children, so there will always be some sort of contact there, at least until your children have grown up.

You suspect that your ex dabbled in substances while you were together. In fact, this contributed to the end of your marriage. However, you couldn’t prove it and you didn’t realize they were addicted until now. What are your options when faced with this situation?

Make sure you are correct

There is nothing wrong with your ex having a drink on the weekend when they don’t have the children. There is a big difference between this and a substance abuse problem.

Before suggesting that they have a problem, you need to be sure, especially if you’re considering bringing this matter to the courts. Write down any unusual events that your children have told you about after coming home. Be sure to make a note of any missed visitation days or late appearances, as well as any other suspicious behavior.

Your child’s safety comes first

If you’ve established that your ex has a substance abuse problem, then your child’s safety must come first. It’s not your motivation to permanently block your spouse from seeing their kids, and the courts would probably not grant this anyway. Try talking to your ex and remaining positive.

Suggest that they should take a break and focus on getting better. If you cannot reach an amicable agreement, then you always have the option of a custody modification. At the end of the day, the best interests of your children come first.

If you’re having a hard time with co-parenting, remember you’re not on your own. Having legal guidance behind you will help to ensure that your best interests and those of your child are looked after.

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