4 mistakes to avoid when telling your kids about your divorce

Telling children about a divorce is one of the most emotional moments for parents. Divorce impacts kids, as they have to adjust to a new life, see one parent on a schedule, answer questions from friends, and so on.

Nonetheless, you can protect your kids from these effects, helping them cope better with the new life – and this starts when you inform them of the divorce. Here are four mistakes to avoid:

1. Doing it alone

If possible, both parents should be present when telling the kids about the divorce. This way, you and your spouse can be on the same page, and the kids will know their parents still love them equally.

2. Overwhelming kids with too much information

Being honest is vital when telling your kids about your divorce. However, you can tell them the truth without being harsh about the details. Older kids can handle in-depth details, but younger ones can be overwhelmed. Whether you decide to give less or more information, be honest.

3. Not informing them they are not at fault

Many kids blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. Don’t assume that your kids won’t do this. When talking to them, keep reminding them they are to blame for the decision.

4. Waiting until it’s too late

Telling your kids about the divorce when one parent has already moved out may not be wise. It will be best to have the conversation before significant changes happen. Contrarily, don’t do it until you are sure about the divorce.

Divorce with kids can be complicated, but with information, you can make calculated moves. Also, consider protecting your parental rights and making decisions that are in your kids’ best interests.

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