How are custody arrangements affected if a parent works at home?

Over the last few years, more people than ever have moved to a position where they’re either working from home permanently or have adopted a hybrid working pattern.

Working from home can be really beneficial for parents, especially those with young children. The problem is, however, that this can cause difficulties to previously agreed custody arrangements that no longer work. What should you do in a situation where one parent finds themselves working from home permanently?

Working from home means a different workday

This has both benefits and difficulties. Working from home takes away the need for long commutes which can save a couple of hours in the day. There’s also the added benefit of being around at home during the day and increased levels of both flexibility and availability for running errands. This is extra time that can be spent with the children.

The problem is that this isn’t always the case. Working from home can cause stress when it comes to childcare. Parents are often expected to not use daycare or a childminder because they’re thought of as being at home and therefore available to both work and look after the children. It can be really disruptive to both the parent and the child’s schedule. This is especially so when the parent who isn’t able to work from home takes advantage of the situation.

Examples of this may be no longer thinking they have to pick the children up from school or expecting that they should have more time at weekends simply because you’ve technically had more time with the children during the week.

Modifying the custody agreement to reflect the changes

If you have a custody agreement or parenting plan in place, it might be necessary and appropriate to update this to reflect your new working routine. This can be of benefit to everyone, especially the children when it means they get to spend more time with both of their parents.

Negotiating a new custody agreement can be difficult, especially when you’re not on good terms with your ex-partner. Having legal help can ensure the legal process is handled as smoothly as possible.

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