Do divorced couples ever get remarried?

When you were younger, you and your spouse had a rocky dating relationship. You often broke up and then got back together. You were in love, but life was complicated and difficult. You eventually stayed together long enough to get married.

Now, however, your spouse is asking for a divorce. Is this just more of the same? Are you going to split up and then get back together in the future?

It does happen, but not often

Your dating experience is certainly common. But does that mean the same thing will happen with your marriage and divorce?

It may, but it’s not likely. One report looked at more than 1,000 couples and found and a mere 6% remarried each other after getting a divorce. The reason here could be, in part, that divorce takes longer. You don’t just decide to get divorced in the heat of the moment and then finalize it a week later. It may take months or even a year. Couples who go through all of that and still want to split up are unlikely to ever change their minds.

It also stands to reason that some couples get back together without formally getting married. They may just feel like it’s not worth the hassle of a legal marriage a second time.

Taking steps toward your future

What all of this means is that your future, now that your spouse has decided to end your marriage, will likely be very different from your present. It will be defined by the outcome of your divorce. An attorney can help you explore all of the options you have moving forward and protect your interests along the way.

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