In some divorces, one spouse may suddenly turn into a bully

One of the most disturbing things people discover when getting a divorce in Concord, North Carolina, is how easily an otherwise reasonable person turns into a bully.

As you know, divorce often brings out the worst in people, especially when one spouse is resistant to the breakup. When these individuals also have poor coping skills, they may act against the divorce by bullying the other spouse.

What are some signs of divorce bullying?

We believe preparing for the possibility that your spouse may resort to bullying can help you manage your situation better. Our family law attorneys have put together a brief list of common bullying behaviors that sometimes arise in a divorce. These include:

  • Turning or threatening to turn your children against you
  • Threatening to make sure you lose your custody and visitation rights
  • Lying about you to make you look bad in court
  • Trying to turn family members and friends against you
  • Harassing you or making disparaging posts about you on social media channels
  • Sending you threatening or offensive emails
  • Using their attorney to harass you

The temptation to react to bullying can be strong, but we suggest restraint in these situations. Rest assured that your spouse will reveal his or her true colors in the end. In turn, the judge and the court will learn that you are the reasonable one and will continue protecting your rights.

If the bullying continues or causes hardships for you or your kids, consider asking a lawyer for guidance. Often, attorneys can offer ways to help you get through this trying time without damaging your position in the divorce. We invite you to continue reviewing our website and blog for additional insight into the process of divorce in North Carolina and how we can help.

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